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Replacing an older model car with a new car will help you to stay safe on the road and allow you to drive a more fuel efficient vehicle. However, buying a new car is a major investment and many people simply do not have the funds to purchase a newer model vehicle upfront. That’s why OC Davies is an accredited car finance provider. We want everyone to have the option of driving a newer, safer, more economical vehicle. We offer financing options at all of our West Wales dealerships. Visit our team in Cardigan, Neyland or Carmarthen to see how we can get you behind the wheel of a new car right away.


Vehicle Financing Options from 32 Lenders

If you need a car finance provider, then don’t go past OC Davies. With a pool of 32 lenders to search from, OC Davies increases your chances of finding the right financing. You are under no obligation, there is no cost and you are not committed to any company. Our vehicle financing search is not visible to other lenders and won’t impact your credit score. We provide you with immediate results so you can make an informed decision straight away.

Find the Right Financing

50 years

32 Lenders to Choose From


No-obligation Finance

Three generations

Soft Search


Instant Results

Simple and Easy Vehicle Finance Checker

We use a reputable and reliable vehicle finance checker to run free checks to see if you are eligible for vehicle financing. We’ll give you an idea of the overall costs without impacting your credit rating. Visit one of our car dealerships in Cardigan, Neyland and Carmarthen to find out more about our finance options. Click here for more details.


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