Car Service in Cardigan, Neyland and Carmarthen


For a comprehensive car service, visit one of the OC Davies workshops in Cardigan, Neyland or Carmarthen. Our services include MOTs, spare parts, installations, servicing and repairs, ensuring you can get back on the road with your vehicle in the best of health. We’re proud to offer an exceptional service, with great workmanship and value for money guaranteed.

Quality MOTs and Servicing

Our workshops are fully equipped to carry out MOT tests and deliver all the repairs required to ensure your vehicle meets the MOT standard. We also offer a comprehensive servicing solution to ensure your car is maintained in the best condition, helping to avoid the need for repairs and identifying underlying issues before they become a problem.

Premium Parts at Affordable Prices

We supply a wide range of vehicle spare parts and we never compromise on quality. Installing inferior parts is a false economy, as they are far more likely to fail earlier and cause other issues – that’s why we only supply parts that meet the highest standards and are approved by the car manufacturers. Our team can identify the right parts for your vehicle and provide quick and efficient installation solutions. So, don’t hesitate to visit us today for a complete car service from a skilled and experienced team.

OC Davies

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Cardigan: 01239 622955
Carmarthen: 01267 229526
Neyland: 01646 600858

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